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Monica Hebert

Monica Hebert

Lake Charles, LA


Daily, I watch the wonderment of the world about me. Nature in all of her glory, pulls me into her lair, inspiring my creations, engaging my imagination like nothing Iíve ever felt. Appreciation, joy and exhilaration are my constant companions fueling my desire to create. Mostly, I paint landscapes, occasionally abstracts and always oil on canvass.

Childhood memories beckons my brush to revisit my beloved home, the wetlands of Southwest Louisiana (SWLA); In particular the simple pleasures; the gentle tug of a small fish , the crawl of a blue crab and a soft sunset on the weaving shoreline guide my spirit.

Fondly, I recall that while waiting for what seemed an eternity for the Ďcatchí, Iíd treat myself to the delicious visual elements of my surroundings. Often to my Dadís dismay I would be lost in my own mind, soaking in the natural beauty of my surroundings.

Itís no wonder that I now have embarked on an intentional journey to revisit all of these places of my youth and convey that spirit in my paintings. To be truthful, none of the paintings are thought out or planned out; I really do not know what the finished work will be until I step away and feel itís done. Often it begins with the curiosity of a different shade of blue Iíve mixed on my palate and begin to move it on the canvass. Here is where I step aside and allow the dance of the paints and the canvass begin, with me simply as the sideman. I intuitively feel where paint should be placed to form a particular piece of terrain. Iím a fortunate woman in that I get to engage with my personal imagination every time I paint. What seems like a few minutes has often been a few hours before I actually stop and step back to review what Iíve done. Itís somewhat like a treasure hunt! I am filled with awe and glee, and marvel at how paints mesh with the canvass, creating the feeling I held in mind. Sometimes if feels blissful.

Some works take a few hours, while others can take a few years. All of my work is created in my studio at my home in Lake Charles.

I paint because of the journey I feel; the personal expansion I enjoy within my soul and the sheer joy of sharing my beloved Southwest Louisiana landscape with others. The look on the face of one who views my work, brings to me a deep appreciation for the one enjoying it and satisfaction for a completed and valued experience. Thereís just nothing like it.



Louisiana Clouds by Monica Hebert


Black swamp by Monica Hebert


Green Swamp by Monica Hebert


Passion Fight by Monica Hebert


How does your garden grow? by Monica Hebert


Summer Evening on the Bayou by Monica Hebert


Daydreajming by Monica Hebert


Mardi Gras by Monica Hebert


Bathtub Beach by Monica Hebert


Autumn Falling by Monica Hebert


Gray Marsh by Monica Hebert


Louisiana Spring by Monica Hebert


Wisteria by Monica Hebert


Majesty by Monica Hebert


today to muse by Monica Hebert


Louisiana Countryside by Monica Hebert


Path to Peace by Monica Hebert


Morning Calm by Monica Hebert


Marsh at Sunrise by Monica Hebert


In My Dreams by Monica Hebert


The Red Lady by Monica Hebert


Waiting for You by Monica Hebert


Timeless Journey by Monica Hebert


Come Play With Me by Monica Hebert


Crab Lady Landing in big Lake by Monica Hebert


Swamp Magic by Monica Hebert


Huddell-Up by Monica Hebert


Peacful by Monica Hebert


Walk-In by Monica Hebert


Confused Clarity by Monica Hebert